Perfect Name For Your Business

Anything and Everything we recognize about any product or service we buy or use is because of the “Name”. Brand Name is the link that connects the business to the customer. Brand Name is a must for every Business be it small start-up or a big corporation.

Criteria for Selecting Perfect Name for your Business or Product or Idea : 

  1. Name Should Match your Business.
  2. Name should be Meaningful. Dictionary words should be given first Preference.
  3. Names should be short and Pronounceable.
  4. Search in the internet and avoid similar names and Trademark or Copyright Protected names. When “Google” is there, no point using “Goooogle” as your business name.
  5. Domain Names are like Internet Realestate. Try to build your business on a prime property.

Your Brand Name is your Face: In the 21st century, businesses moved from corner shops to Internet. Your name is the face of your business. Customers identify and recognize your business with your Business Name.

Trust is Paramount: Your business name should be Trustworthy. No one will spend and buy on your website or directly if “Trust” is not carried through your name and Branding.

Discuss with your employees, Friend and Family: Before spending money on a name, discuss the name with people around you and sleepover it. Think for the longterm.

.Com is the King: In most cases .Com is the king. Dont go with any other extension( with very few exceptions). Customers, Vendors and every one recognizes it around the world.

Make a List: Make a list of all domains you are interested in. Pick top 2 or 3 names and Test the waters. Go for the name having best response from your customers.

Name Reflects your personality and Character. It would take huge amounts of money, time and efforts in building a brand. So Choose the name wisely before investing you efforts, time and money into a particular name.